Are you struggling to grow your lawn care companies online reviews?
Grow your online presence with a simple but revolutionary service.
Trying to end your struggle when it comes to generating customer reviews online? It isn't nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it?

Stress has gotten the best of you because you know that you need good online reviews to be able to grow and scale your lawn care company but even when you email your customers, they just don't seem to leave a review. Don't worry... 

There is Good News!
Lawn care business owner reveals how to phone all of your customers in under one week and generate TONS of online reviews! 
Hey there, my name is Kristian Zoppa and yes, I know exactly how you're feeling. I own a lawn and landscape company that currently employees over 15 people and I am sure that we have faced the same struggles when it comes to growing a successful lawn care company. 

These days, I've managed to achieve quite a bit of success in my lawn care company… I am completely out of the field and now just focus on building the business and creating systems within my organization. And now, I can also call all my customers at a moments notice within a short period of time to request reviews. This has been a huge way for me to generate reviews and now between all of our social accounts we have over 50 five star reviews! 

But I'll be honest...

Things Definitely Didn't Start Out This Way...
Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, there were a LOT of roadblocks. There was so many times when I was ready to throw in the towel.

When I first started out, I didn't have the time to hire, train, and manage any office staff. I was in the field mowing lawns and installing sod. Even when I got out of the field and was full time in the office doing estimates and managing the crews, I didn’t have the money to hire a part time office assistant.
None of it was working out for me. I was stressed out and beginning to feel burnt out. I was thinking that I may never be able to scale my business... 

Of course, you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?
Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
 You've tried calling all your clients yourself which just resulted in wasted time and energy.

 You've tried to hire office staff which led to wasted money.          

 You've tried hiring friends and family which just ended up in           frustrating training sessions and low return on investment.

Just Before I Was Ready to Give Up, A Stroke of Luck Changed Everything.
You can only run into so many walls before you get so frustrated that the only option left seems to be quitting. I almost hit that point in the summer of 2018 with my business.

In the middle of our summer season, we had a two week gap where there was absolutely no landscaping work on our schedule. I only had enough work to fill up our regular maintenance crews but nothing for the landscaping crews. Listen, you know how it goes. You have employees who rely on YOU, as the business owner, to provide work for THEM, so that they can provide for their FAMILY. I knew that I had to do something urgently to fill in that two week gap. If I didn’t fill it up, half of my employees would be forced to leave me and find other work and I did NOT want that to happen. I had a great team of employees and I definitely did not want to lose them. 

At that point, my mentor challenged me to personally call every single one of the 1,000+ customers in my database and see if they needed any landscaping work done. This was one of the most daunting tasks I had ever faced, so I immediately looked for an easier way to get in touch with my customers. I knew that email had a tiny open rate, so that was out. Flyers cost too much and wouldn’t provide results fast enough. I knew that calling was the only way...

As soon as I discovered this, everything instantly got easier.

I searched for a solution, but I couldn't find one...
I searched and searched for hours online trying to find a company that could make my calls for me. I was BUSY. Even though there was a gap in landscaping work, the office work kept rolling in and there was no way I could devote 8 hours a day to phoning customers. If I spent the time on the phones, the ball would be dropped elsewhere, so I was backed in to a corner. 

I couldn't find a solution to my problem... I was stuck. Or so I thought...

After hours of searching online, I realized that the only way I could make this happen was if I took initiative and MADE IT HAPPEN. And that's how Phone Squirrel was born. I realized that other lawn care business owners face the same struggle that I was facing. Lack of work, lack of online presence, and lack of time, so I built a company that can offer this solution to other business owners in the same field as me!

With the help of our co-founder, and founder of Poo Crew - a nationwide pet waste pick up company, we developed and tested Phone Squirrel.

Campaign after campaign we were seeing success and I knew I could no longer keep it a secret...
Since then, we have ran multiple campaigns and one of the most successful campaigns we have seen was a campaign to generate online reviews. This campaign was huge for the company that we ran it for, and I have since adopted it for my own lawn care company. Like I mentioned earlier, we now have over 50+ five star reviews online, and a lot of them can be attributed purely to this amazing campaign!

I'd  like to let you in on the "secret."

Introducing our newest campaign:
Review Generation
The special service that will help you grow your online presence almost instantly.

Here's How Our Review Campaign Will Benefit You:

You will have the ability to call all of your customers in a short period of time to request reviews: An influx of positive reviews will immediately position your company as the leading lawn care business in your local area. This is worth well over $10,000+ in saved marketing spend.
You Don't Have to Take My Word For It...
I've already slipped the secret to a select group of people. Truth be told, I wanted to guarantee that this would actually work time and time again.

More importantly, I wanted to make sure you'd achieve the same results I have. And well... I'll let them speak for themselves... 

“This helped me so much. My company was lacking a solid online presence, but after hiring Phone Squirrel we are absolutely dominating online in my area when it comes to reviews. Nobody else even comes close.” 

- Avery B. Halifax, Canada

“I signed up with Phone Squirrel on a Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon I had already seen my first review. Reviews poured in almost immediately. I am blown away!”

- Jason G. Winnipeg, Canada

"Yes! I'd Love to Get in On This, But What's the Catch?"
You've heard what I have to say. This service is wonderful. But what's the catch?

I'll be honest, you could skip over this offer today and hire a full time office assistant.

But you'd have to shell out at least $30,000.00 per year. Not to mention your time spent hiring, training, and managing someone new. Maybe you don’t even have an office to have them work out of… then you have to trust they are actually working while they work from home. That is not a good business plan…

But don't worry.

You won't have to pay anywhere near that amount today.

In fact, I'm actually going to sweeten the deal for you right now.

When You Sign Up Today, You'll Get FREE Access To...
• Phone Squirrel Training Program - Value: $497.00
We will give you two personalized one on one training calls over the phone to show you how you can best utilize our program. You will get to spend an hour on the phone with the owner of Poo Crew (nationwide pet waste pick up service) and co-founder of Phone Squirrel - Daniel Diment, as well as an hour with the owner of Cleanr Group LTD. (lawn care/snow removal company that employees 15+ people) and co-founder of Phone Squirrel - Kristian Zoppa.
• Local phone number + business name caller ID - Value: $60.00/month
We call from a local phone number using your caller ID, so your customers are guaranteed to pick up the phone. You can even keep the phone number after if you want!
• 50 free dials - Value: $50.00
Your first 50 dials are on us, this way you can see exactly what we can provide for you! After that it is only $1.00 per connected call. That’s right - you only pay for calls when your customer actually picks up the phone!

You'll Get Bonuses Worth $607.00+ Completely Free!
But there is one thing...

We Will Only Be Offering This To The First 10 People That Sign Up. Once we close down the offer we won’t be offering these bonuses any more. We’re doing this because we are building our community and we need cutting edge lawn care business owners like you to help us pioneer this service.

Not to worry though.

To make your decision extremely easy, I'm going to remove all risk! 

Yup, that's right. I want to guarantee you take advantage of this offer today, and feel good about it.

You're protected by our 14-day refund policy. If for any reason at all you're not completely satisfied within the first 14 days, we will refund your entire cost no questions asked. It's that simple.

"Yes, I Want In! How Much Will This Cost Me?"
I'm stoked for you to jump in and get started. Even more so, I can't wait for you to see the results that are
waiting for your company on the other side.

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you secure your spot in the system right now:
Review Campaign

The ability to call all of your customers in a short period of time to request reviews: An influx of positive reviews will immediately position your company as the leading lawn care business in your local area.

Value: $10,000.00+ in saved marketing costs.

And You're also Getting:

• Phone Squirrel Training Program - Value: $497.00

• Local phone number + business name caller ID - Value: $60.00/month

• 50 free dials - Value: $50.00

When You Sign Up For The Review Campaign Today, You'll Get a Total Value of $10,607.00+ For ONLY...
Free? Free! That’s right. Free.
We are so sure of our service, that we are willing to offer it to you for free just to show you that it works. Sign up for a 14-day free trial by clicking the button below.
Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you to you for reading this letter. I am truly excited for you to get started with Phone Squirrel and to reap the rewards of a successful lawn care company. You deserve it!

Talk to you soon,

Kristian Zoppa
Co-Founder, Phone Squirrel

P.S. You could skip over this offer, but then you'll stay right where you are now. Let me help you get out of the rut you've been in. Start achieving the results you deserve right now. Click the free trial button above and let’s get you started!

P.P.S. Just a reminder, We Will Only Be Offering This To The First 10 People That Sign Up. But don't worry. All you have to do is click the free trial button above to get started.

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